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L-410 is a turboprop designed in late 60ties of the last century in Let Kunovice, Czech Republic. The aircraft is still in production – even the production rate is around 10 a year and the company survived several owners and bankrupts. This is a unofficial site supported by folks having deep knowledge of L-410 from many perpectives – not just a pilot´s or photographer´s.
The first model built in series was L-410A powered by PT6-A engines replaced by L-410M powered by M-601 Czech engines in mid 70ties. Major upgrade was L-410UVP in late 70ties as requested by the major customer-Soviet Aeroflot requested shorter takeoff and landing distance. The L-410UVP-E model boosting the number of passengers and range (with optional wing tip tanks) was introduced in mid 80ties followed by number of sub variants including FAA certified ones. L-420 was introduced in mid 90ties, but never went into serial production – the current production airplanes are basically derivates of L-410 UVPE-20B model.
As you for sure  noticed, whole site is in Czech language and I am not going to put a famous yellow “under construction“ sign into an English section. It has nothing to do with national proud, it a simply matter of time I can spend to maintain this site. But do not worry; we have something you can enjoy with studying Czech language – we have the most comprehensive database of L-410 photos on web. The gallery is sorted by basic models (see above) and the aim to gather at least 1 picture of each and every L-410 produced. We know it´s sort of unrealistic target we never achieve, but you need to have a dream….There is a serial number in the description of each photo followed by a registration and all photos are sorted by serial numbers. Feel free to submit any picture you think we are missing.
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