Interesting places to go to in a small aircraft..
The map below is showing places worth visiting with a small aircraft. Something interesting to see there, a good restaurant on site or just simply a hassle-free airport where you can land your Piper, Socata, Diamond or Zlin. A place you won´t be charged half of your monthly income for a 250m bus ride to your little Cessna 152 sitting alone on the empty GA apron. Opinions and suggestions gathered from various sources (discussed on, "I have been there", "someone I know has been there" etc).
Feel free to contribute with your experience via or email me at - replace zyx with class rating required to fly C172. Click here for a hint if you are a FAA licence holder or do not remember those three magic characters.
All information is provided here with no guarantee and might be obsolete. Always consult AIP and your brain before landing at any destination.

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